Further to Chapter VII of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan, the Terms of Reference for the Joint monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) shall be as follows:

The JMEC shall:

  1. Monitor and oversee all aspects of the implementation of the Agreement;
  2. Monitor and oversee the mandate and tasks of the Transitional Government of National Unity, including the adherence of the Parties to the agreed timelines and implementation schedule;
  3. Oversee all work of Pre-Transitional and Transitional institutions and mechanisms created by the Agreement;
  4. Enjoy, under the laws of South Sudan, such legal capacity as may be necessary for the exercise of its functions, including the capacity to contract and to acquire and dispose of real and personal property;
  5. Request status reports from any of the Pre-Transitional or Transitional institutions, as it deems necessary;
  6. Break deadlocks within the TGoNU, as per the provisions of Chapter VII, Article 6 of the Agreement;
  7. Publicize its work, conduct public outreach to the people of South Sudan, and ensure that the progress of implementation of the Agreement is widely disseminated;
  8. Report regularly to the TGoNU Council of Ministers, the Transitional National Assembly, the Chairperson of the IGAD Council of Ministers, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, and to the Secretary- General and Security Council of the United Nations on the status of implementation of this Agreement, as provided for in the Agreement;
  9. In the event of any non-implementation of the mandate and tasks of the TGoNU or any of the Pre-Transitional and Transitional institutions and mechanisms created by the Agreement, or any other serious deficiencies, recommend appropriate corrective action to the TGoNU, and/or remedial action to the national and international institutions named above and in Chapter VII, Article 5 of the Agreement;
  10. In the event the TGoNU fails to take such remedial actions, the Chairperson shall report such matters with recommendations to the other bodies as stated in the “1 (h and i)” of this TOR;
  11. The JMEC shall comprise of a Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson; representatives of the Parties to the Agreement, the South Sudanese Stakeholders and Adherents, and Regional Guarantors, and International Friends and Partners of South Sudan, as outlines in Chapter VII, Articles2.1-2.4 of the Agreement
  12. As outlined in the Chapter VII 9 of the Agreement, the quorum of the JMEC shall be eighteen (18) of which at least ten (10) of the members shall be South Sudanese and the other eight (8) shall be from the Regional Guarantors and International Partners and Friends of South Sudan.
  13. Regular meetings of the JMEC shall be conducted at least once in every month. Draft Agendas for regular meetings of the JMEC shall be circulated no less than 72 hours in advance of any regular meeting of the JMEC. Any member of the JMEC may propose additional agenda items for discussion.  The Chair may call for an extraordinary meeting of JMEC at any time, or upon the request of at least two thirds of the membership of JMEC. Draft agendas for extraordinary meetings of JMEC shall be circulated as soon as possible following the notice of an extraordinary meeting of JMEC.
  14. The JMEC may form Committees and working groups as deemed necessary to organize its activities.