NCAC receives submissions from youth representatives in South Sudan

NCAC Chairperson Mr. Gichira Kibara (fourth from left) receives a written submissions from youth representatives in South Sudan. NCAC Chairperson Mr. Gichira Kibara (fourth from left) receives a written submissions from youth representatives in South Sudan.
Thursday, 30 November 2017 08:52

The National Constitutional Amendment Committee (NCAC) has on Wednesday received submissions from youth representatives towards the amendment of the constitution of South Sudan.

The youth delegation, led Dr. Emily Koiti, the youth representative to Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC), were preceded by a two-day workshop on electoral issues that included proposals for amendments to the Political Parties Act, 2012 and the National Elections Act, 2012.

The submissions include proposals for quotas for youth as key stakeholders in the electoral process. The submissions further highlight key issues, including youth participation in the respective political parties and electoral processes, effective electoral management, enhancement of internal democracy within political parties and inclusion of persons living with disabilities.

Receiving the submissions, the NCAC Chairperson, Mr. Gichira Kibara, said the committee is committed to conduct an inclusive and participatory process.

He commended the youth organizations for their efforts and contribution towards the constitutional making process in South Sudan.

He noted that the youth constitute the majority of the population of South Sudan and are therefore critical voices in the ongoing reform processes. 

The committee will now proceed to consider the documents as presented, together with the other submission on the amendment of electoral laws.

Following this process, the Committee will hold a stakeholder’s meeting to further discuss the proposed amendments.

The NCAC is established under Chapter 1 Article 13, of the Agreement for the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS).

It comprises of representatives from various parties to the agreement. The core mandate of the Committee is to draft amendments to the Constitution, security and governance laws and any other relevant legislation to conform to the agreement.  The current phase of the Committee’s work involves drafting amendments to election-related laws.

The ARCSS in Chapter 1, Art.16.1 provides for the ‘review of the Political Parties Act 2012 to ensure the Act complies with international best practices for the free and democratic registration of political parties in South Sudan’.

The Agreement further provides for the ‘amendment of the National Elections Act 2012 to conform to the Agreement’.